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They produce the most beautiful glasses in the world and don’t want to spread it around

Murano, 1923.

Since then NasonMoretti devoted itself to the production of glasses, chalices, and decorative tableware.

Can Muranese millenarian tradition lead to cutting edge?

With its refreshed design and research on colours, NasonMoretti blends traditional techniques with a contemporary and unique style.


Italian design award for form research and experimentation.

Its 1955 edition was won by NasonMoretti with its “Lidia” collection, in which the firm applied the inverted overlaid glass technique (coloured on the inside and milky-white on the outside) on basic shapes.


NasonMoretti evolution is also marked by its collaboration with designers and artists

Umberto Nason | Giovanni Patalano | Stefano Marcato | Lera Moiseeva | Chiaramonte – Marin | Claudia Hamers | Francesco Lucchese | Hangar Design | Luca Nichetto | Sergio Asti | Carlo Nason | Elena Salmistraro | Will Yates-Johnson | Filippo Nason | Matteo Zorzenoni | Maria Grazia Rosin | Giulio Iachetti | Marco Zito

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