At NM Museum all tours are led by Artsystem guides.

A corporate museum is a special place: far beyond the mere exhibition of work collections, it tells a story of competence and passion.

It’s a place full of discoveries:

  • spatial, in the production venues
  • temporal, by exploring the historical evolution of the company through its witnesses


Whether you come by vaporetto or by private boat, you will be welcomed by NM Musem in a nice garden located right in front of the production venues.

This place offers both a suggestive glimpse of Murano and a witness of its past: the isle was once full of gardens.


  • deposito here sand, soda and metal oxides are mixed together following ancient secret recipes
  • piazza 5 ovens, each one with a glass master sitting on his working stool, the scagno

Here we can finally see the glass by the time of its becoming: it first appears fluid in the melting pot, then viscous when gathered on the blowpipe and gentle under the master’s blow. It ends in various shapes, classic or modern, trasparent or colored, in the muffle in order to cool down.

The expertise and mastery of manual “know how” gifted men is not less fascinating and astonishing in the second production venues.

Here other artisans refine and finish the products through perfect cuts or surface polishing and eventually put the firm’s signature through sand engraving technique.

Only the pieces that are perfectly executed and performed in a workmanlike manner are packed and stocked in the last place: the exit storage, from where they are ready to leave Murano.


In a scenic exhibition space appear before us the objects that have marked the almost 100 years long evolution of shapes, colours and textures of this brand’s truly unique style.

As a complement to the guide’s storytelling we find working tools and archive documents.

And thus the tale is complete: the story of Nason family and its many important collaborations with renowned designers and artists who came here to bring to life their own idea of beauty.


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